Hadri Rome's Greatest Roman Emperor

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Hadrian, Roman Emperor Hadrian was one of the greatest Roman emperors in ancient history because of his success at young age, as well as in his adulthood, his contribution to the arts and his architectural influences in ancient Rome. He gave Rome the breakthrough it needed to succeed as an empire. At the age of ten, young Hadrian lost his father, after the loss he was placed under guardianship by Emperor Trajan, a family relative. Trajan’s initial thought of Hadrian was to create a military career for him. His high skill set of defense and honor toward Trajan allowed him to be recognized. He was not just going to get a military career for no reason. He needed to show he was dedicated. Unfortunately for Trajan, Hadrian enjoyed the easy life, preferring hunting and civilian luxuries; instead of protecting and defending the romans. Trajan recalled him back to Rome, he was outraged.…show more content…
The end of his life was growing near, and he grew ill. He attempted suicide, but his servants kept the poisons and blades away from him. He hired a barbarian man to murder him, yet he failed to follow through. So Hadrian decided to retire and soon ended up dying afterwards. Hadrian died being one of the greatest Roman Emperors in ancient history. Ruling Rome for twenty years, the accomplishments that Hadrian had made were significant to the shaping of the roman culture. He started at a young age doing some things that your typical ten to fifteen year olds wouldn’t even imagine. His adulthood was equally successful if not more successful than his childhood. His generosity spread throughout the Roman Empire. With the contributions, Pantheon and Hadrian’s wall, he showed Rome that he was not only the one of the best leaders, but that he was skillful and wanted to honor past cultures and protect the city of Rome. With Hadrian’s contributions he was the greatest leader that the Roman Empire had ever seen in the ancient

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