Hacking Linkedin Essay

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The Idea I had an affiliate product of which small business owners were the target market. LinkedIn is a HUGE gathering of small business owners. I know because I am a small business owner and belong to many of the small business groups on LinkedIn. I already have a reputation as an expert in another niche, other than my affiliate product and wanted to market specifically to a targeted group about this product. I also didn’t want to chance my current reputation on LinkedIn. The First Step Of The Method I created a new “Persona” one that I knew would be attractive to small business owners. That persona’s profile was that of a seasoned entrepreneur. I found an attractive, but not too attractive, image to use as this person’s image. I created a history of starting and working a number of small businesses, some successful, some not so. I created a full education history that lent itself to this person’s development into a successful entrepreneur. My LinkedIn Profile is that of “All Star”. That’s actually a better rating that I have on my REAL profile! Week 2Week 2 During week 2 I simply look for and join LinkedIn open groups that serve my targeted customer, in this case small business groups. I went to the “Interest” link at the top of the LinkedIn page, picked group, then searched for small business. The result? 7436 groups! Nice right? From there I simply looked for open groups with a lot of people in them and asked to join. This is where I differ from others. Many people will tell you to start posting in these groups to be conversational and part of the community. While I don’t really have an issue with this . . . It’s just too slow for my liking. I prefer to ramp things up quickly and actually get MUCH better results. Week 2 ContinuedWeek 2 Continued Week 2 Continued Week 2 Continued Since we have joined the groups we can start connecting to group

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