HRM 565: Adult Learning Experience

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| Adult Learning Experience | HRM 565 Developing Human Capital | | Dawn Vousboukis | Dr. Leslie Wills 18/2014 | | The training class that I was a part of was with ADP pay force, which is a payroll system that the company I was using. This training was done in a large group and done with all of us together in one place. Because the group so was so large, some parts of the training took longer than others which dragged it out some. Handouts were used as reference points which came in handy when the new system was put into place. Although the training was very in-depth and informative I do believe…show more content…
Describe the effective parts of the training. One of the most effective parts of the training was the hands on portion, this was done with a qualified instructor from ADP the trainer knew what she was talking about and was able to show us the ins and outs of the new system being put in, because the trainer was knowledgeable she was able to answer all the question about the system that we had. Hand on training “Hands-On Training can reduce training time by 76% over traditional on-the-job training” (Noakes, 2014). The Audio visual training was also very helpful, the handouts were very detailed and allowed us to go back and look at the handouts if we got confused as the training went on. The handouts also became very helpful after the class, we were able to use the handouts once we started the using the new system. Identify at least one (1) different activity you would have included in the training event and how it would improve the effectiveness of the

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