HIS 320: The Rise Of Islam

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Running Head: The Rise of Islam The Rise of Islam Kenneth B. Coomer Grand Canyon University HIS 320 The rise of the religion of Islam can be traced to the seventh century. In its usual view Islam is often seen solely in terms of its origins in the barren peninsula of Arabia. It is true that Islam can be traced to the Arabian city of Mecca, where it was revealed to the Prophet Mohammad, during the years 610 to 632 AD (Cleveland, 2009). While this is its origins, Islam would spread to virtually every corner of the globe in the in the coming century, venturing from its origins in the Arabian peninsula to Spain to what is now Pakistan in the century following Mohammad’s death. Mohammed not only established a new religion, he would establish…show more content…
Mecca is located in what is now present day Saudi Arabia, about half way down the Western side of the Arabian Peninsula. The Kaaba, the black Islamic stone shrine established by Abraham and Ishmael, is located there. Mecca is deeply rooted in tradition, and the stones and Kaaba were erected or associated with Holy Ground, where individuals had a dramatic experience with God or Allah as he is called in Islam. During the time of Mohammed, Mecca had became a easy stopping place for the caravans and merchants along the spice trade which brought new wealth, foreign ideals and social values to Mecca. Being the stopping point brought to Mecca a host of undesirables such as; merchants, prostitutes swindlers and gamblers, whose social values would clash with that of the Arab Bedouin, who clung to traditional ideologies (Grand Canyon University, 2010, p. 1-2, para.…show more content…
Mohammed did not set to just create a new religion he created a complete way of life, an entirely new government system. In addition to the divine revelation of the Quran, Mohammed would have a system of law, the Sharia, and his wisdom which would be a third work, the hadith, all of these things would come to define Islam and a true Islamic state would be the basis of all three of these teachings of Mohammed (Grand Canyon University, 2010, p.3

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