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HESTEC Concert Popular concerts attract all sorts of audiences from the youngest to the oldest. One of the popular concerts that I was able to attend and that I really enjoyed this year was the Hispanic Engineering, Science, and Technology (HESTEC) Community Event. This event was on Saturday, September 5, and it was opened to the public. The HESTEC event is a yearly event the University of Texas Pan American prepares in other to motivate and so that all the children, teen, and adults can explore and get more information of any career that may interest them. Besides this goal, the UTPA also invites some Tejano singer to perform on that day. This year Bobby Pulido and Grupo Duelo were invited to perform in the HESTEC concert. The HESTEC event started on Saturday morning but the concert started until seven late afternoon. The first one to perform was Bobby Pulido who started with some of his greatest hits such as “Desvelado,” “Llevame Contigo,”and “Algun Dia.” The audiences at the HESTEC were very exited taking pictures, singing, and dancing with Bobby Pulido’s music. I like Bobby Pulido’s rhythm and beats since the combinations of the instruments was magnificent giving a unique sound to each of his melodies. I also liked that he not only focused on writing romantic songs, but also cumbias tejenas that makes everybody dance and…show more content…
Grupo Duelo played many of their romantic and greatest hits of their career. Some of the songs that Grupo Duelo played were “Te Odio y Te Amo,” “Pobre Loco,” and “El Amor No Acaba.” Most of the songs made the audience cheer and sing along with Grupo Duelo as they were performing. The audience was so fascinated by the group that they constaly asked them to sing another song after they had finish with their performance. I really like Grupo Duelo’s songs since the rhythm and beats sounded awesome that they make a person like me to sing along and

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