HCS 320: Role Of Communication In Crisis Management

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Communication and Crisis Paper HCS/320 10/2/2011 Communication and Crisis Paper Introduction: Communication is an essential component of effective crisis management. Having a contaminated water supply is a very serious situation and therefore it is essential to establish a communication plan as soon as the risk becomes known. For this reason we will communicate with the public by informing them this threat and the steps they need to take in order to protect themselves and their community. Individuals and groups that are communicated in the crisis: To communicate with the public there are key things that should always be recognized: An explanation of what went wrong, an expression of concern, and a sincere apology. With a communication plan in place for a biological disaster, the designated personnel will know their specific roles of communication both inside and outside the organization. The use of internal departments will coordinate the information that need to be be released in this crisis situation. All the departments will be managing the hard work of all agencies to direct efficient aid to the public.…show more content…
These spokespersons will receive an effective brief earlier to beginning their transferal. Giving the public and private sectors, a brief explanation of what went wrong and the steps necessary to contain the situation will help to maintain calm and control of panic. Not everyone is going to want to lend a helping hand, therefore the organization must utilize the volunteers that they have. The most common challenge that the company faces is language obstacles. The corporation should make arrangements so that they have an interpreter for all the main languages, so the message can be delivered to

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