HCA 250: Relationship Between Health And Psychology

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Health and Psychology T. Webber HCA/250 1/11/15 Janet Jacobs Health and Psychology What is the relationship between health and psychology? What are the specific lifestyle choices that affect our health and psychology in the workplace? What examples of lifestyle choices are there to enhance health and prevent illness? These are questions for which is about to be answered in this piece I submit for your understanding. First off, let us begin with what really is defined by health and psychology. “Health” is defined as the well being of a positive state physically, mentally and socially. We mostly believe to know the term, “health” as how a person feels, physically. Are they ill and in bad health? Are they healthy to mean they…show more content…
At one end it is optimum wellness, or the best quality of health you can be at. The other end is death. This is obviously, the worst place to be for any human being. In the middle of it all is what we call the neutral zone. Most people are, or would like to be here if they are ill and are trying to improve their bad health. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that live in an optimum wellness world, then more power to you! If you are one of the many sufferers of chronic or acute illness, these are probably some of the lifestyle choices that were poorly made by you. Lack of exercise, cholesterol consumption, cigarette smoking, drinking too many alcoholic beverages, drug abuse, stress (work, school, and family), and the list goes on. These and so many other “bad choices” can take you right out of the neutral zone and increase your chances for major illness and maybe even…show more content…
Take a friend to exercise with for support! Try other forms of exercise if the gym is not for you. Some ideas are self-defense, dance classes, swimming, sports, walking or running, and even yoga for meditating the stress away, temporarily. Eating right will keep weight controlled and will allow you to have energy and not slow the metabolism down to being fatigued all of the time. Avoid fast food and make good food choices when eating out. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. This takes care of headaches, too! Massage therapy and self-pampering are good stress relievers. Read a book or listen to your favorite music. Avoid drugs, alcohol and cigarette smoking! These actually add anxiety, not take it away like so many believe. There are many ways to remain on the positive side of the continuum both physically and

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