HBCU Research Essay

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The relevance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) is and has been a controversial topic for some time. Most students attend HBCUs for the small class sizes, intimate class settings, more one-on-one teacher/student time, rich history, and the need to surround themselves with someone who could directly relate to them. The importance of this survey shows the improvements that could be done not only within our university, but within all HBCUs to help them continue to thrive and stay relevant. The main purpose of our universities are to help serve and prepare our students for the rest of their lives. If we are not performing correctly, then what is the point? While conducting this research, we learned the importance of letting our students voices be heard. It is the students who…show more content…
Every student of Clark Atlanta University makes that first step on the promenade with specific goals and expectations in mind. The question is: To what extent has your CAU undergraduate experience fulfilled or failed to meet your expectations? At Clark Atlanta University a total of 76% felt that their expectations were fully met, surpassed, or exceeded, whereas 24.1% surveys felt their needs were barely met or failed. Overall over half the demographic surveyed felt their expectations were being met in some way. This means that Clark Atlanta University is on their way to fulfilling their goal of implementing above average satisfaction levels. When the question was asked, “do you believe your CAU degree was worth its cost in terms of time and tuition”? 40.3% said “yes”, 35.1% “somewhat”, and 25.6% answered “no”. CAU and all Historically Black Colleges and Universities biggest competition are other public and Ivy League institutions, many that do not believe CAU is worth all its cost but believe they are only paying for the experience and the value of the education does not surpass the
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