HACC Ethics

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What is HACC? According to www.health.vic.gov.au/hacc website, ‘The Home and Community Care (HACC) Program provides a range of basic support services to frail older people and people with disabilities who are experiencing difficulties in managing daily tasks but who wish to continue living at home. The Program also supports their carers and families. The HACC Program targets its services to those who have the greatest need for them and/or the greatest capacity to benefit from them. Agencies providing services will assess your needs and provide you with information about your choices. After assessment, agencies decide what services can be allocated to you. It is important to understand that in many places there are more people wanting services…show more content…
Not only does Bill have the right to make a complaint, he also has the right to have someone represent him, an advocate. The HACC ethical standards illustrates that Bill has the right to advocacy information. That is the agency will provide Bill to access an advocate to help and represent him. Reason for this is to seek a resolution and for the advocate to speak and act on behalf of Bill. Bill should be referred to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission in order to prepare statements and lodge a complaint. Another organisation that would help Bill is the Office of Public Advocate to investigate the allegations. The agency failed to support Bill in self advocacy, peer advocacy and systems advocacy and failed to stand up for Bills rights as a human being. (Universal When a client illustrates that he is being abused, the agency and staff need to take it seriously as it is a crime and has legal implications. A good procedure would be to report to someone Bill fills comfortable with. He could fill out a complaints form and hand it to management. He could call the Disability Services Commissioner. Bill can make his own decisions of what he wants to do about it. If it is serious and Bill is in danger the agency has an obligation and duty of care to report it to the Victorian Government and contact the police. If abuse is happening the agency should respond
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