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Website Thoughts - New modern look. Very easy to find what you need - From the store locator, a strong presence in Germany. Facts of site - Established by Erling Persson - 3,000 stores in 53 countries -H & M comprises of the brands H & M, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday and other stories - 104,000 people are employed by H & M - Offers products to women, men, teenagers and Children for products of shoes, accessories, cosmetics and a home interiors concept - They do not own any factories but works with 800 suppliers mainly in Asia and Europe - We have a team of around 80 people who audit working conditions at supplier factories against our Code of Conduct. The production offices also perform extensive safety and quality testing as well as ensuring chemical requirements are met. - Slogan is Fashion and quality at the best price - Publically traded company in Sweden. -“Through short films, more than 570,000 workers in Bangladesh have received training on their rights at work since 2008.” - Stores in every part of the world. You name the country, they are there. Countries such as Chile, Bulgaria, Latvia, Mexico and Malaysia are just a few History - Open up in 1947, in Sweden selling women’s clothing - Opens in Stockholm in 1952 - First store outside of Sweden opens up in Norway in 1964 - 1968, they begin to sell men’s clothing - 1980s, stores in Germany open - 1998, online H & M shopping begins - 2000, First US store opens - 2010, H & M becomes largest consumer of organic cotton Business concept We ensure the best price by: in-house design, no middlemen, large purchasing volumes, buying the right products from the right markets, efficient logistics, cost-consciousness in all parts of the organization Social media - Offer an email newsletter for newest fashion updates and savings - Have a Facebook, as of 10/27/13; they have

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