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Gymnastics On a daily basis, you hear things such as the Toronto Maple Leafs winning a hockey game, or how Miami lost to Dallas Mavericks in the NBA. There are rare times when someone will celebrate a gymnast’s success. Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, balance, agility, flexibility, confidence and passion. Not only does it challenge physical state, but also someone’s mind. Gymnasts all around the world have been taught discipline and gained confidence because of gymnastics. They’ve felt pain and pleasure, faced fear and adversity, but most of all, learned resiliency. In most opinions, gymnastics is pronounced one of the hardest sports in the world. Some of the main components of gymnastics are time management, competition, grace and a strict health diet. Gymnastics is a very time-consuming sport. On average, elite gymnasts train six days a week, 7 hours a day. Some would think such a time-consuming sport would harm school work. Instead, it gives life a sense of urgency that not only causes you to spend more time on homework, but provides help with time management as well. Also, the hard work involved in gymnastics will be reflected in your school work because it puts a mindset to work to the best of your ability. Competition is a tremendous factor in gymnastics. Each year there are gymnasts around the world training for the Olympics. They develop an aggression toward having the title of a ‘Gymnast’. Whether or not you win, there is still an intense feeling inside that says you’ve achieved enough already. Gymnastics is a form of dance and art. It doesn’t just mean doing a cartwheel or being able to do the splits. The grace and technique used to do these exercises can create a big distinction between a gymnast and a simple athlete. In other words, gymnastics has a specific technique in its exercises. As can be seen, most gymnasts

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