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Process Design Matrix and Summary This executive summary will outline the specific design approaches for Planet fitness. In the executive summary, information will be provided about the process design approach, the process design, the workforce, and quality of services and products. Planet Fitness has separated itself from other gyms. The corporation prides itself in extraordinary customer service. Their operating model or process design has numerous areas current with consumer needs and wants. The key results as defined in the process design display a range of extremely competitive amenities and services along with extraordinary member satisfaction. Process Design Approach Personal training services and products are not only delivered not through traditional gym locations and face-to-face client interactions but also different channels of communication such social media, programs, and phone. The company also offers a self-service features for example, membership able to check themselves into the gym. It is clear that the services and products are intended around the members’ needs not so much toward the company needs for the corporate. Planet Fitness does not worry about selling juice bars and childcare that drive costs that can make a gym membership seem more like a car payment. Instead the corporation focuses on facilities filled with brand-name cardio and strength equipment. Facility Layout Planet Fitness provides an environment in which any member can be comfortable. It is a diverse place that encourages a judgment free zone. An alarm is placed throughout the facility in which is used to symbolize that its environment is to allow members to feel accepted and respected without the typical hard-core members. Quality of Amenities and Products The company offers the lasted fitness equipment and technology to its members and clients.

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