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Physical education plays a major role in the life of any person. It works down to the most basic simple form of physicality for example, locomotion such as walking, jogging, running. Just some simple ways to get around are not thought of anything, yet there is a right and wrong way to do such a thing. Physical education is the key to understanding such things. In my life, physical education plays a significant role. Through the process of physical education I try to keep myself in shape and test my limits. Through weight training, cardiovascular testing activities and calisthenics, I push myself to do better and better each day. I have participated in physical activities all my life, this including gym class throughout each school year since I was a young child and taking physical education out of my life now would feel awkward and out of place so I decided to continue what I have learned, hoping to pass down knowledge to kids who like me still have a lot to learn. In my physical education classes in Edward R. Murrow High School, I have participated in a various number of exercises, workouts and strenuous activities. I started out with intro to gym and in that class we did things that ranged from soccer, to handball, to things like volleyball. It was an overall general idea of what gym class would be like in the future years. It helped me decide what gym class I wanted to take in the future. My sophomore year I took polar bear soccer and every day 4 days a week I would go outside in the cold and do soccer drills which eventually led up to playing full games of soccer allowing me to build my stamina. In my junior year I took health class for one semester and then tried out weight training. This year is when I decided I really liked weight training. Now in my senior year, I am in weight training and have decided I want stick to it. I enjoy seeing the results of a

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