Gwen's Physical Journey In Away By Michael Gow

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The destination is not important; rather, we remember most what happens along the way.’ How do journeys change us and help us grow? Journey can lead to a greater understanding of the world and the individual. The book “away” is a play authored by Michael Gow set in Australia’s late 1960’s. The characters Gwen and coral face challenges and attempt to achieve goals within the story through a variety of dramatic and literary techniques. The film “hunger games directed by Garry Ross explores the physical and inner journey of Katniss everdeen and her resilience to fighting for her family Journeys are integral to self-growth; this has been displayed through the characters change of personality. The impact of the physical journey carried on Gwen…show more content…
The storm is largely influential which is a turning point for Gwen as all her possessions are destroyed. The use of symbolism has been applied through nature and the environment as during the play Gwen goes for a swim, which gives the dramatic effect of her obstructive personality being cleansed. This reveals the physical journey by the end of the play Gwen realizes her attitude towards life is very negative and becomes completely a different person and overcomes her stubborn personality by the exposure to the water as a sense of healing and reconciliation. Katniss Everdeen taking that responsibility to compete in the Hunger Games uncovers how a journey to new places can assist a complete different lifestyle. Katniss had to gain motivation and a mindset prior to that dangerous fight to become physically ready for this journey. The use of setting within the film enforces Katniss’s fight having to travel away from her family for the hunger games. This uncovers the challenges katniss had to face having…show more content…
Coral is an effective tool that shows the consumption of metaphors during her monologue, which gives us the insight into her inner thoughts and feelings. In scene three when coral is outside alone, she pronounces “saw that donkey at her feet I thought my heart would break” which is a metaphor for her relating it to her self being in pain and dishearten of loosing her son in the Vietnam War. The way Michael Gow has used metaphors through Corals monologue demonstrates to us her connection of psychological journey and having to deal with her emotion individually within the play. The play within the play “the stranger on the shore” reveals corals Difficulty and the captivating of confidence in life that she has found. This scene forces Coral into total isolation and to run away. By the end of the play Roy is looking for forgiveness, love and reconciliation from Coral. The use of shutter motion reveals Katniss Evideens individual journey trying to find her strength meanwhile trying to resolve her heart while under the most extreme pressure a teenager can imagine. This has been displayed during the scene when Katniss is running from the fire during the hunger games which is an obstacle trying to challenge her fight through the games. This created Katniss to become a lot stronger during her journey as she knew what to expect and pushed her self over her boundaries to achieve her goal of coming

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