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Adolphus Barron English 102.02 Dr. Nigro The Long Life of Gwendolyn Brooks Gwendolyn Brooks, one of the major modern black poets and the first African American writer to win the Pulitzer Prize. Gwendolyn Brooks is one of the poets known for her poetry about African American life. Gwendolyn has been writing for well over fifty years and devoting her life to free verse and urban black vernacular. Her poems reflect the lives of ordinary African Americans and their struggles against the effects of poverty and racism. The range of her poetic sources makes her on the most distinguish poets of her time. Gwendolyn Brooks was born on June &, 1917 in Topeka, Kansas. Gwendolyn was the eldest child of both Keziah and David Brooks. Even though Gwendolyn Brooks was born in Kansas, she grew up in Chicago, Illinois. According to George Kent, Gwendolyn was “spurned by members of her race because of her lack of athletic abilities, a light skin, and good hair”. Brooks spent most of her childhood writing because she was being…show more content…
Meanwhile, a Mississippi Mother Burns bacon” described her writing style the best. The poems talks about the lynching of the late Emmitt Till. The poem was based mainly on regret, guilt, and hatred. Gwendolyn uses code names like “HE” and “HAND” and also “Fine Prince” to describe the men in the poem. The turning point in this poem was when Gwendolyn said “She heard no hoof-beat of the horse and saw no flash of the shining steel.” This line describes how Carolyn realized that Roy was not the man he appeared to be and she grows to be angry and disgusted with him and “her hatred for him bursts into glorious flowers”. The killing of Emmitt Till both angered and inspired Gwendolyn to write this poem, and shows her hatred against Roy through the eyes of Carolyn. Instead of coming right out and saying how she felt she described how she felt carefully through Carolyn over a period of

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