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Abdulaziz Alzahrani (Aziz) Emily Kryzer EAP150.02 April 3rd, 2013 Simple But Deep The release of the book Twilight by the author Stephenie Meyer is an illustration of the film Twilight that has been every young person’s choice. The book published in 2005 has risen from scratch to attain the status of a world best seller in a very significantly short time. This inspired many to read the book. However, the book and its contents is made complete by one factor; the factor that has contributed a lot in inspiring the readers to get a copy. This is the cover page of the book. The suspense, imagery and other literary aspects that are portrayed from this cover page clearly make the difference between the book and other books. It tells a story in form of a picture representation, even before the reader digs deep into the books pages. From the cover page, at the time of its release, critics elicited the feeling that the cover of the book would cause it to lose the interests of the readers. This is because of the dull color that appears on the cover. However, with time, they have been proved wrong. So what is on the cover page of Twilight and what effect does it have on the reader? This is the analysis of the cover page of Twilight. The story from the holy book called the Bible is clearly the first impression that we see from this cover page. It is believed that, the fruit that Adam and Eve were told not to eat is the apple fruit. Anyway, this is not my subject of discussion. The fruit apple, on the cover page is centrally located on the cover. This has a lot of weight in meaning. Clearly, this is posted as the basis of the story in the book. Apple is associated with love and romance (Meyer, 2013). Therefore, combining the two symbolism aspects of being forbidden and love and romance, it is conclusive that the apple on the cover page of the book Twilight

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