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Writing is not something I cherish, but it’s one of the ways I express my views. I’m not an expert at the subject, but then again who is? In writing it is extremely important to advance one’s knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. When writing persuasive and argumentative essays, my goal is to challenge others with the main objective of winning. I am not afraid to write what’s on my mind or hold back from writing my views on any topic I am presented with. Neither man nor God restrict me from translating thoughts or ideas into words. During my junior year of high school, I wrote several argumentative essays for debates against other students. My English teacher assigned a monthly group debate, which required everyone to write an argumentative essay on a specific topic. Everyone had to write persuasively and then each group had to present their ideas using the best essay among the group. Almost every month, my group was victorious due to the strong claims, opinions, and valid evidence in my essays. I have also written persuasive essays for writing contests and other events. I appreciated writing until I had to take a class on creative writing during my senior year. My writing teacher required us to write poetry. Almost every week, I had to write poems that I had no interest in. She acknowledged the fact that my poems lacked creativity and contained numerous grammatical errors and misused punctuations. Writing is one of the ways human beings express their ideas. In my opinion, no one is flawless at writing, but buy practicing I wish to enhance my skills. I also hope to learn how to write professionally and improve my persuasive writing in English

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