Gus- a Detriment to Society Essay

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All Guns Should be Banned! Bullets cannot be recalled. They cannot be uninvented. But they can be taken out of the gun. ~ Martin Amis Guns are a detriment to society. They cause damage whenever they are used. One would conclude that if guns were to be banned and removed from the face of mankind Earth would be closer to becoming a utopia. Even though people know that guns are a probable cause to ending their lives most of them live without doing anything about it. Though there are many peace groups around the world pleading for governments to prohibit guns many are obdurate to do so. Guns introduce many problems to the average person. A Gun provides different types of temptation. Secondly guns provide the opportunity to commit crime. Last but not least guns give a bad example to future generations. Let us look in-depth into each of these issues. Temptation is the biggest problem when dealing with guns. There are many types of temptation possible the largest one being, to use the fire-arm without the need to use it. To illustrate one might picture a person that has just had an argument with a friend. This person feels that they have been wronged and wants to get revenge. Still in a trance the person takes out his shot gun and murders his friend. Another example of temptation with guns is the temptation to start a war. One instance of this is World War Two. This massacre started because Hitler thought Germany had the strongest army in the world and went to war against the world causing the death of over seventy eight million people. Last but not least guns allow people using them to take advantage of other people. Evidently, guns are a big temptation. Hence, if they did not exist temptation that comes along with them would not exist either. Crime is a big factor in today’s society. The easiest way to commit a crime is to pull out a gun. Most crime

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