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Guns, Germs, and Steel Why did history take a different course for people of different continents? Although People from different continents originated thousands of years before Europeans, they lacked economic development, Climate disadvantages, and technology grew at a very slow rate. Human inequalities on different continents isn't because of biological differences, it is mainly because of Climate, Location, Technology, and other advantages in development of plants and animals. The continents were either isolated, had no writing, or infected by diseases brought in by Europeans. This caused a huge gap between continental differences and why history turned out the way it did. Diamond attempts to prove his theory on the evolutionary…show more content…
Eurasia ended up with the most domesticated animals because it is the world’s largest land mass and offered the wildest species in the beginning. The domesticated animals in Eurasia carried a disease similar to the one Europeans gave off to the Indians that killed them slowly. Another reason for the gap of domesticated plants and animals is the continents main axis. Eurasia’s main axis is east/west and the Americas in north/south. This means that animals in Eurasia could spread to another part of Eurasia thousands of miles away at the same latitude, the same day-length, and the same climate that they are already adapted to. So the domestication of plants and animals spread quick and easy both west and east. The north/south axis of the Americas was completely opposite, so the domestication of plants and animals never spread from north to south or from south to north. The domestication of animals in Eurasia caused for more farmers and herders and less hunter/gathers. Domestic animals revolutionized land transport and agriculture. The food surpluses accelerated the development of technology because the people who didn’t farm devoted themselves to creating guns, writing, and

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