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Anthony Lane Roider Guns, Germs, and Steel Essay 2 A lesson on the spread of disease through animals would make a solid geography lesson based on Jared Diamond’s book. In Diamond’s book he focused a lot on the physical geography in the world that we live. He heavily researched mountain ranges and bodies of water that contributed to the development of some isolated civilizations. For example, Diamond had an argument that some continents that are easily traversable, like Europe, stimulated its development and encouraged trade among different people. In the Geography lesson, we would be able to study different continents features and be able to compare and contrast certain geographic features that make them unique and the features that could have lead to certain foods, germs, and “steel” that have developed there. They will be able to see that Location means everything.…show more content…
Diamond points out six things that can make a domesticated animal; diet, growth rate, problems of captive breeding, nasty disposition, tendency to panic, and social structure. I would then go into great detail on what these criteria actually mean. For example, explaining the growth rate criteria. Domestication requires that an animal can grow quickly. Some animals, like the elephant, take 16 years to reach full maturity. The loss of time, money, food, and labor would not be worth trying to domesticate an elephant. I would also want them to know that out of all the animals in the world only five have became farmyard animals. Those five are the sheep, the pig, the horse, the goat, and the great cow. The cow is one of the great wonders of our earth. It provides both meet and dairy while only eating grass and it is able to

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