Guns Do NOT Have The Right To Bear Arms

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On June 21, 1788 nine states had approved the Constitution and under the second amendment Americans gained the right to own firearms (Constitution Day, n.d.). The founders of this country were making sure that its citizens had the right to protect themselves. Today guns are protecting the lives of some but also they are threatening the lives of others. If we as a country deicide to make tighter gun control laws it can lower crime rates. There are different opinions about the Second Amendment. The pro-gun lobby and especially the National Rifle Association (NRA), thinks that gun control should be opposed because it would harm the Constitution and a fundamental right of the individuals the right to keep and bear arms. This right is guaranteed by the Second Amendment and therefore they believe that restricting this Amendment would mean that they are being denied one of their fundamental rights. Advocates of gun control think that in the 21st century the Second Amendment is not appropriate anymore and that the individual simply does not need the gun the way he needed it three hundred years ago. They also say that guns are not only used for self-protection, but they are often used to kill people, especially young people. In nineteen 1994 it was estimated that 44 million American owned 194 million firearms (Guns in America, n.d.). It is hard to imagine…show more content…
Years ago the Brady Act was passed. The law required a five day waiting period for all handgun purchases. That waiting period is now eliminated. But people who want to buy a gun now must undergo an instant check. Now federal law bans gun purchases by people who are convicted, or who are under indictment for felony charges, fugitives, mentally ill, illegal immigrants, and illegal drug users (Waiting Periods and Background Checks, n.d). But there are still some problems with this instant check

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