Guns and America Essay

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Don’t Take my Rights of Having a Gun Do you think guns kill people? Do you think guns are bad? In my opinion my family really doesn’t think so, but there have been a lot of people out there that thinks that guns in America are bad. Guns have become a hobby to me and others in my family. It has brought us together over the years. Although my family knows that guns are bad, it has given us a bond that nothing has ever had on us. Over the past few years gun control has became an issue, which has became a part of political battles over time. As an American, you can tell gun control has became a heated issue in political, social, and religious circles. I will describe, in this paper, how those who favor gun control claim it will stop the nonsense murders which are increasing in the America that we live in today. My family thinks that American citizens must begin to inform themselves and realize that clear and convincing evidence concludes that gun control is not effective in reducing or deterring gun-related crimes. In this paper will show argument that although gun control looks good in theory, there are many reasons why it is not a good idea, we believe that it is undemocratic and it will not remove the guns from the hands of criminals. I will show how our forefathers never wanted this to happen as told in the second amendment. Is can be interpreted in many different ways by its many gun control advocates and opponents. In my opinion gun control is un-constitutional and is in direct opposition to what the founding fathers of America thought about gun control, and that gun laws will not stop violence in America. The Second Amendment states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” ( My family loves this amendment because we have grown closer from

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