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Gunning Bedford Jr. was born on April 13, 1747 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Bedford was the fifth of seven children. He was descended from an English family that originally settled in Jamestown Virginia. He added Jr. to his name to avoid confusion because he was commonly mistaken for his cousin Gunning Bedford. His cousin was a Delaware governor and soldier in the continental army, colonel Gunning Bedford Sr., In 1771 Bedford graduated with honors from the college of New Jersey (aka Princeton University). Fun fact was that James Madison was one of his classmates! While he was attending Princeton he married Jane B Parker who gave birth to a daughter. After reading law with Joseph Read in Philadelphia, Bedford won admittance to the bar and set up a practice. Shortly thereafter he moved to Dover and then to Wilmington, Delaware. He also served in the continental Army, rumored to be an aide to the famous General George Washington. Gunning Bedford was an influential individual during the Revolutionary War through his service in the Continental Army, his belief in equality among states, and his job as a judge after the creation of the American Republic. Gunning Bedford supported the United States and its fight for independence from Great Britain due to the fact that he joined the Continental Army. He was an aide to General George Washington Like Bedford said; "the small ones would find some foreign ally of more honor and good faith, who will take them by the hand and do them justice" was shouted down as treasonous by the other

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