Gun Violence-a Social Menace Essay

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Definition Essay Rebecca Simpe Simpe1 EN 101S Maria Ammar 4 March 2013 GUN VIOLENCE: A SOCIAL MENACE INTRO: Gun violence is one of the most talked about crimes in the world. In the US. for instance, hardly a day goes by without hearing news involving gun violence, though not all crimes involving guns are reported in the news. According to the National Institute of Justice, 11,346 persons have been killed by firearm violence and 477,040 persons have also fallen victims of a crime committed with a firearm. Crimes involving guns have been in existence for a long time and there have been a number of interventions to get guns off the street but, these have not really yielded much result. In the past four years alone, about 72 mass shootings have occurred in different parts of the nation. However, the debate was renewed after a 21 year old man carrying a deadly weapon killed 27 people including 20 school children at New Town, Connecticut in December last year. This particular incident has renewed the debate of stricter gun laws, but unfortunately, the tunnel is still dark for the advocates of such laws. The mere mention of the noun gun: brings mixed feelings from both the left and right of our political spectrum. According to Jonathan Stray “in share 6, February 4 2013 edition, there are about 310 million guns in the country, out of which 40 percent can be found in households”. He further explained that the overall number of guns have increased to about one gun per person, up from one gun for every two persons in the 1960s”. Gun: whether it’s an assault rifle, short gun, hand gun, or any firearm are all deadly, and could bring tragic memories to families, friends and loved ones. The issue of gun violence is so broad that experts are finding it difficult to define. But to me, gun violence is the use of a firearm to threaten or to cause harm or death.

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