Gun Laws in Chicago Essay

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Adam Carey Mrs. Polski Block 4 Modern Problems Part Five Before I started the project, I already had a good idea of what I wanted to do. I came to my own conclusion based off the results and facts of other kids’ endeavours for part five. Although many social medias exist, I chose Twitter. I chose twitter because their interface is meant for text, and Twitter is still a very widely used social media. Also, many political figures and other United States executives have Twitters. Due to the large amount of Twitter users, I was able to take in a decent amount of followers during the life of the account I created. I got over 1900 followers on my Twitter account, which is quite a bit. Due to the large amount of followers I got on my account, I thought this was the best action to take and the impact made was large. Lastly, for the impact made, I can honestly say there was not a huge time investment. The first step I did was create a Twitter account. I used my school email to do that, and that was pretty simple. The next thing I did was edit my part 4 google doc, so the doc could be seen by anyone on the internet. By doing that, I was able to have a URL with my Twitter Bio. After creating my bio and such, I created a profile picture within Photoshop. After the foundation for the new Twitter account was laid, I began to tweet. I didn’t want to blow up my follower’s news feed with a hundred tweets, but I wanted to get the message out into their timeline. After sending out 10 tweets, I figured that the message was clear. Also, my last tweet was the URL to my paper for interested followers. I hope this action begins thoughts within people’s minds. Realistically thinking, me writing a letter to the respective government body would not accomplish anything. I am not attached to this topic enough to make a change to that degree. With the account, I figured there was a

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