Gun Laws In California

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(introduction) The Bill of Rights consists of 27 rights that Americans find helpful. The first 10 are the most commonly used and known by Americans today. The second right is the right to bear arms. There are two viewpoints usually taken. One side is those who want this right to be in effect more throughout states such as California and the second is against this right entirely. Through statistics it will be argued why this law should be in effect. (narration) Scattered throughout Californian history, the Californians people had to defend itself from outside as well as violence from within the United States boundaries. How can one state take pride in protecting its citizens if the nation will not let the individuals have the tools to do so? California should relax the requirements for possessing a gun so it is more fitting to the Second Amendment of the…show more content…
In 1960 there were 616 murders, 2859 rapes and 15,287 robberies. However, in 2009 there were 1,972 murders, 8713 rapes and 65,093 robberies. The statistics clearly show the difference between 1960 and 2009. The statistics are excellent in showing how the state laws passed in California on guns have effected life changing events such as the murders and rapes. The drastic growth in crime could have been halted if there was not strict regulation for gun ownership. (counter argument) One might suggest that individuals who are not mature or restless with guns can get one with ease due to their "Constitutional rights." However, one fails to realize that there will always be those who are restless and immature with guns and yet they still own them. Gang members have guns. The gang members are immature and are not fit to own their guns. No gun store allowed a member to buy a firearm based on a gang member persona. Gang members and groups who are associated with violence get their firearms on the black

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