Gun Control Debate In America

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Obama’s Administration and NRA on Gun Control Debate in America Guni K. Bal PR 336 by Jack Saunders Golden Gate University - Spring 2013 White House Chief of staff Denis McDonough said in an appearance on CNN that, “Obama is not giving up on assault weapons ban being added to an amendment. We are going to work on this. We are going to find the votes. It deserves a vote.”1 It’s easy to get a gun in this country. Hence America has the highest rate in gun violence in the world.2 One big enabler is the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Obama’s administration says that guns are weapons of crimes and the NRA says that guns are for safety and protection. In this paper, I shall demonstrate how the Obama’s Administration and the NRA are struggling with idealisms on the use of guns in America.…show more content…
The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newton, Connecticut was a turning point for the Obama’s administration on gun control. 3 In 2012, other mass shootings took place: Connecticut, Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Colorado. 4 These shootings triggered a series of public debates on gun control and gun owners right in
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