Gun Control Debate Essay

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Gun Control Debate Paper Gun Control Debate The debate over gun control has been raging for nearly a century, as citizens from both sides of the argument assert their heartfelt and personal views on this sensitive topic. In the after-math of the worse mass shooting in American history involving children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama has received demands for action from American citizens who feel that the issue of gun control has been pushed aside far too many times, thus allowing such tragedies to keep occurring. Recent talks regarding stricter gun control laws have sparked a debate between gun owners concerned that their Second Amendment rights will be violated, and fellow Americans concerned for public safety. Those concerned about public safety and the increase in violent acts committed with guns argue that current regulations make it too easy for those who should not be allowed to purchase or have access to guns such as people with psychological or mental issues. They also argue that more often violent crimes are committed when people have quick access to purchase a gun with a minimal wait time, or no criminal background check. Another concern is that criminals will get assault style weapons no matter what, so how do we stop this without sacrificing the law abiding citizens’ lives? Suicides and accidents within a home may not occur as often if the guns were not there to begin with. Stricter gun control policies that will require background checks that include family members, and waiting periods on all guns regardless of where they are being sold will reduce the number of guns being sold to people who should not have them. As it stands now anyone can go to a “gun show” and purchase any type of gun with no waiting period or background check. Stricter Gun Control laws would require anyone who sells guns to run a complete

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