Gun Control Argumentative Analysis

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The ongoing battle on the topic of gun control is a fragile one, affecting the rights and safeties of every single American citizen. It is widely debated whether or not it is in the benefit of all to maintain the legality in many states of the right to bear arms or to ban them all together. I feel that it is every man’s duty to defend the rights given to us in our constitution, in this case being the second amendment or the right to bear arms. This is a right special to American in that the “U.S. handgun-ownership rate is 70% higher than that of the county with the next highest rate” (Zakaria, 2012) a stat from the article, “The Case for Gun Control.” Guns should also be permitted in spite of the argument that they will fall into the hands…show more content…
Not only is this right one given to us by our founding fathers but taking them away would be rewriting what this country was founded on. That alone is worth standing up for, but there are other reasons why banning guns would not only hurt America but make it a more dangerous place to be. The idea that a person intending to do bad things must think twice about it due to the fact that the subject may or may not be wielding a fire arm has protected more lives than can be determined and banning guns would just concrete this truth. I think in order to determine what must be done, the people in charge must take into account the best solution for America and not just appeasing a certain party, this being said the right to bear arms as according to the Constitution, must be preserved because it benefits the American people far more than it
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