Gun Control Argument Essay

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David Knutter February 4th, 2013 Gun Control Amaya AP Lit & Comp The general public believes that when the government increases the restrictions on the rights of the people to buy and use guns the amount of gun related violence and gun related murder will decrease. However statistics have shown that in every case where the U.S. government (or the individual states) tried to restrict the gun laws that the gun violence and gun murder rates have increased by at least 150%. Why? Well, if an individual takes the time to consider human nature the more a person tries to tell someone not to do something, especially if they are already inclined to do so, the more willing they are to do it. The more that the government tries to restrict and regulate the rights of the people to buy and sell guns the more gun violence will increase. Even if the government were to completely stop legally selling guns to people there are a plethora of guns already out there. In 2005 a survey showed that 45% of households own a gun, and that approximately 34% of adults already own a gun. Consider how much the numbers must have risen in the last eight years. Also consider how many of those people “love” their guns, or are willing to give them up. Then consider the “black market”; the black market is an underground marketing system where anything can be found… for a price. So even if the government were to stop allowing the selling of guns to the public there are ways that people could get guns anyway. Which makes it possible to purchase weapons even after a government forbids the legal purchase of guns. There are always ways for a person to get what they want if said person perceivers to complete their task. Out of the 315 million people that live in the U.S.A. 43% own a gun so that’s around 141,000,000 guns in the U.S.A. and that’s only the ones that are registered. If the need ever

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