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Gun control ENG/102 8/11/10 Brian Kevin Gun control 1 Introduction: Gun control advocates have cried foul, because of the Supreme Court 2010 ruling they believe will damage the chances gun control laws to reduce crime. While many people consider gun control to be too restrictive, advocates are of the mind that we should remove all the guns, at all cost. The Supreme Court ruling has mandated that state and city governments have no choice but to respect the Second Amendment of their citizens. While the ruling does not completely abolish current gun restrictions, it does weaken the ability of the local government to have outright blanket bans. With guns so readily available, crime will increase and people will die. Accidental shooting will increase due to fact that more people have guns. According to the numbers, this idea is just plain wrong. Though our right to possess a gun is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, gun control laws only limit law abiding citizens, the criminals still have guns. Gun control 2 Statistic you should know: The idea that guns kill people is as far from the truth as any claim that is made by people who support restrictive gun laws. The gun doesn’t fire itself. The people are the ones killing people whether it was with evil intent or simply by operator error. Accidental shootings accounted for less than 2% of deaths of adults in 1995 there were fewer fatalities because of firearms than all other causes studied according to statistic studies( Agrest,J. 2008) A study of statistic focusing on children: When the same studies focused on children, the studies showed that fatal

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