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Gun Control: Who Needs It? The simple and most direct answer is no one. Activists have been fighting for years to have gun control laws put into place. Some of the most common arguments in this line are things like gun control will lower crime rates, less people will die when involved in criminal attacks, and who needs a gun for protection when we have law enforcement for protection. The first of these arguments that the liberal activists try to portray is in fact the one that I find most entertaining. All you have to do is really think about what they are saying for a second or two. Thinking that placing tighter restrictions on gun control will really help matters when it comes to the criminal world. How many criminals do you think are running around with fully registered guns that they had a background check for and took a class on how to use? More than likely the people carrying out these day to day criminal acts have either stolen or illegally bought guns. Even criminals are generally not dumb enough to use a weapon that they know can be traced back to them with nothing more than matching the pattern on the bullet to the gun they just registered and bought just a few days ahead of time. This is why gun control would not help the crime rate but probably in all reality hurt the cause. If guns become incredibly hard to get a hold of, more and more people will just give up on getting them all together. This means there is less to worry about for the criminals. I mean if they have the only guns, why not use that to their advantage? Next we have those that argue that if guns are controlled more and most of all hand guns then death rates from criminal acts would decrease. This is mainly because hand guns are used in over fifty-five percent of all murders (Hand gun bans). That is over half of all murders so it is reasonable for these people to think that getting

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