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Gun Control The debate about gun control is a global issue. However, it is more controversial in the united states of America. Therefore, this paper will discuss the case for gun control and the case against gun control in reference to the United States. The groups against gun control show concern about violent crime and they don’t perceive gun control is the answer to violence committed using guns. However, they support strict laws against gun-related crimes and better enforcement of those laws. On the other hand, those who support gun control are of the opinion that background checks are necessary to keep arms out of reach from the convicted and the mentally ill. Americans can lie somewhere between the two points of view. The Case for Gun Control One argument made by people who favor gun control is that more guns lead to more homicides. Guns that are purchased for protection are in many occasions used in arguments to kill a family member (Miller, 1997, pg32). Research shows that a large number of homicides involve the gun as the killer weapon and therefore, arguments that resulted in death were higher in families that kept firearms as compared to those without. Another argument for the regulation of gun ownership is that more guns result in more suicides. Having access to a gun during the critical moment of committing suicide, makes the process faster. Thus restricting guns could make a difference, since the victim would think twice before taking other options of killing themselves. People who committed suicide are more likely to live with guns in their homes than not. Studies illustrate that suicide rates are higher in countries with heavy gun ownership, such as the United States, as compared to those with low levels of gun ownership ('10 Arguments For Gun Control - Listverse',pr5). The Second Amendment must be correctly interpreted and implemented with the

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