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A Shot at Gun Control In 1776, our Constitution was written by our forefathers. The 2nd Amendment, “The Right to Bear Arms”, was constructed deliberately so that all citizens had the right to carry weapons and protect themselves against a government that could become to powerful or tyrannical. In the years that followed, the creation of the Constitution, the 2nd amendment was essential and fundamental to the growth of our country as a whole, but now over 200 years later the 2nd amendment has become fundamentally flawed in current modern society. Most citizens nowadays don’t carry firearms for protection and for the use of sustenance. Citizens today use firearms for more devious actions. Consider the following: grade school kids of all ages in danger of being targeted by a citizen of malevolent. Citizens in urban areas are at considerable risk of violent form peers with firearms. With current gun control policies still restrained by the 2nd amendment, our elected officials cannot successfully protect their constituents from those who mean to do us harm. If we could employ more creative safeguards in preventing accessibility of firearms to individuals who have criminal backgrounds and have psychological deficiencies. We may begin to have an idea and understanding of what real gun control can do to benefit this country. The widely known assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy the 1960’s were two foundational instances when the government knew they had to act and strengthen gun control laws. Gun control laws have always been an issue for every state. One of the biggest issues is that we don’t have enough people that are willing to speak up for stricter gun control laws. According to an Associated Press poll in December, “only half of Americans thought that gun laws should be stricter and 15% actually said they should be less strict.” I think we

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