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GUN RIGHTS VS. GUN CONTROL I am in favor of gun rights, and am anti-gun control. Our fore-fathers were in favor of gun rights as well; so much that it was written as the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of individual Americans to keep and bear arms regardless of service in a militia. It was adopted on December 15, 1791; making it part of the first 10 amendments which are known as The Bill of Rights. Owning fire arms is a right given to us by our fore fathers in order to protect us from those who would try to take away such rights; from those who would try to impose tyranny on us. Basically, the Second Amendment was written to so that we would be able to protect us from the government; the very government who continues to make laws that make it increasingly difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase, own, and carry weapons legally. There are those who say that gun control is to protect the citizens. I disagree with that statement. While I do agree that having a background check done on someone before they purchase a gun is a wise decision, it fails time and time again. "Typicial criminals" do not buy their guns at a store, they're bought off the street. There by, making little use of the background checks. The same goes for gun registration. Criminals aren't going to register their guns. Law abiding citizens will, making it easier for the government to know where to go to first when gun control turns into gun confiscation. Leaving only criminals, and the government with guns and ways to protect themselves and/or attack the rest of

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