Gun Control Essay

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Amarachukwu anyalebchi Prof. Willaims Eng. 1301 September 25, 2013. Gun control in America is a sensitive subject for many people .Throughout its history, the United States has had a fascination with guns. Americans have used guns in times of war, for protection, and for hunting. Americans also use guns when they are intent on killing people. When violence happens in school shootings, drive-by shootings, assassination of public officials or in the workplace and shopping malls, Americans demand something be done. This demand fuels the debate between gun rights and gun control activists. It fuels the debate over the interpretation of the Second Amendment. It fuels the debate on allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons in gun-free zones. Some Americans have guns for their personal protection and disagree with the gun control laws while others support it. The upward rise in violent crimes with guns have left people wondering, should Americans be able to own guns or should they be banned? We need more restrictions on guns because guns are not safe, too many criminals purchase guns legally and use them to commit crimes and finally there are many misguided individuals in our society. We as a society would be better off if they had less access to guns. On the contrary, the second amendment was added to our constitution because the founders believed in private ownership of guns, Guns don’t kill people, people do and finally citizens have the right to self-protection. We need more restrictions on guns because guns are not safe . There are too many accidents involving children playing with guns or accidental discharges due to careless or inexperienced adults. On Tuesday February 29, 2000 in Mount Morris Township, Michigan a six-year old boy Anyalebechi2 shot his classmate to death in their first grade classroom. Police reports show that the two youngsters had an

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