Gun Control Essay

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Throughout the years gun control has been though t of and questioned. Well now the topic arises again in 2012-2013 and wanted to be put into effect by President Obama our current president. Now, a lot of people see this as a big problem. But according to the government it will reduce and keep crimes off of the streets. But will it? Now, there are a lot of people who are for it, but me personally as an American citizen believe in my rights and am against gun control. This issue will cause more problems in the long run. For one it goes against the United States Constitution. It violates our 2nd amendment: the right to bear arms. It may also cause an-uproar with the people who hunt or even carry guns for protection. Some citizens use weapons as there source of food during hunting season some people rely on this. And in some households hunting is a tradition and a good family bonding opportunity. A lot of the elder people rely on guns for protection some don’t even leave the house without their gun. Elders also grew up dealing with weapons it became part of their everyday life. The president will no longer have the support of his people. Some may feel as though the government is now a threat due to them taking too much control and over stepping their boundaries. The president needs the support of his people to continuously be a good president. The main problem with this is going against the Constitution. Gun control will not stop the violence in the streets. It will only cause more problems, because they know that stores and bystanders are unarmed and unable to defend themselves. Also, even with the government it will cause problems due to the crimes in the streets. It will possibly cause the government to enter people’s homes and remove weapons with force for those who refuse to give up their weapons. Also it will cause problems in people’s homes due to them being

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