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Gun Control There are Gun laws in the United States that regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. These laws vary by state and are independent of federal firearms laws. There are just as many arguments for gun control as there are against gun control. In an ideal world where gun control was working, only people who will use guns for good will be allowed to possess and carry guns. However, the reality is that criminals will find a way to break gun laws and get guns illegally. Therefore, to protect ourselves from becoming a victim of these criminals, we need to be able to own and use a gun to protect ourselves when absolutely needed. For example, if a criminal was to break into my home with a gun in their hand, and I do not own a gun because of gun control, I could only call the police for help. I could already be shot by the time I try to call. To me, this is probably one of the most important argument against gun control. Therefore, until the government has more effective ways to control criminals’ access to guns, I will be against gun control. A person for gun control might say that violence will decrease with the gun control law enforced. Gun violence in America is off the chart compared with every other country on the planet. “The gun-homicide rate per capita in the U.S. is 30 times that of Britain and Australia, 10 times that of India and four times that of Switzerland.” Yes that is true, but do you think that gun control laws will really stop people from obtaining guns? The main problem with the gun-control laws is that they don’t work. “Florida State University criminology professor Gary Kleck, a political liberal and one-time supporter of gun-control laws, has been studying guns and their effect on violence and crime since 1976. What he’s found is that gun-control laws have no net effect on violence or crime rates, because

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