Gun Control Essay

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English 3 paper Gun-Control Does the average person take time out of his or her day to stop and just take a look around at the world today? The violence, the killings, and the lack of gun-control? Gun-control, falling into the Second Amendment right to bear arms, should be more enforced in the U.S. There are a ton of citizens that disagree with gun-control laws, but most people are completely for it. Some of the reasons that the U.S. should have gun-control laws are because there has been an extended amount of killings from citizens that own guns, the U.S. has been assistanting Mexico in the illegal sell of drugs with U.S guns, and they could make the world a safer place to live without being afraid to walk outside their own homes! There have been countless amounts of killings in the U.S. These killings vary from very young children to adults of all ages. It’s sad to think that something as powerful as a gun could get into the hands of a murderer! As guns have got easier to get crime rate has jumped to an all time high! As President Obama tries to fix this crime rate problem he has been on an uphill battle. Anyone could tell this, because there hasn’t been anything done about this problem yet, showing that he is having some kind of problem. According to the Monitor’s Editorial Board from The Christian Science Monitor, since November, Americans have been on a gun-buying spree, snapping up weapons for the fear or future restrictions and for fear of increased crime. The crime rate has gotten so bad that even the NRA (National Rifle Association) has even started to make their own rules to try to get enforced. These laws such as requiring criminal background checks on gun owners and gun shop employees, prohibiting terrorist watch list member from acquiring guns, mandating that gun-owners tell the police when their gun are stolen, concealed carry permits

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