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Gun Control Essay

  • Submitted by: DBraun87
  • on May 6, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Daniel Braun

English 1320
PG 3: Gun Control
(Introduction) Many citizens and lawmakers are asking questions about gun control. Does crime have a correlation with guns? Does our current laws regarding gun ownership impact the crime rate or have any positive effects? This debate has been going on for years. In the year of 2013, Obama has favored heavily on a more strict policy for gun control due to the recent outbreaks of gun violence. The problem with this is that the Second Amendment clearly states that we have the right to bear arms. Obama cannot fully ban guns due to the Second Amendment but he can implement a ban on assault weapons and certain magazine sizes.
(Constitutionality and Consistency) Are gun control laws affective? Several databases from the Internet conclude that they do not work. Current gun control laws state that no one person convicted of a crime can own a gun, a person must be 21 years or older to buy a handgun and the person who is selling the gun has to be licensed. Another law that was passed in 1993 requires a background check to all citizens who purchase a gun. Even though this law made it very hard for criminals to get a hold of weapons, gun related incidents are still affecting families all over America. How come incidents like Sandy Hook still happen if we have several laws that restrict ownership of weapons? Obama had to react to such events by proposing his new gun control plans that put more restrictions on the ownership of guns to help decline firearm related incidents.
(Justice) Pro-gun advocates state that Obama’s proposals are just another way for the government to control its citizens. The interpretation of the Second Amendment leads to the manufacturing of assault weapons in the free market, which compromises the very security that this amendment is seeking.
(Expediency) It is not expedient to rely on citizens to create their own protection with the purchase of deadly weapons. They are not law enforcement...

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