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Takisha Barfield October 21, 2012 Comp& Lit Pro Burger Pro Gun Control What Is gun control? The regulation or sale and possession of all civilian owned firearms . Should government possess the ability to control gun ownership and usage among Americans the answer is yes. For This country is long overdue for more stricter gun restrictions. The events of the theater massacre in Aura, Colorado makes this claim more accurate. Each time a national tragedy happens predicted of the acts of a random gunman it prompts us serious consideration of the laws we hold so dear about bearing arms. Gun control statistics gathered from 2008 to 2011 by the government health agency in regards indicates that around 31,000 thousands deaths as a result of wounds are received from firearms and 50 percent is by suicides .Gun control statistics further indicate that 40 percent of those killings were made up by murders while three percent were accidental and two percent were permissible. In 1994 a U.S national Institute of Justice said that about 211,000 handguns and 328,000 long guns were stolen in non commercial thefts. Nevertheless criminals were once just regular people and just could have bought a gun legally without a problem. Prehaps the real question is Do gun control laws really work? From statistics I would believe so but to really understand the problem it is important to look at the recent gun control laws that are in effect now . there are many laws both state and federal that restrict the sale purchase and use of a gun and though they differ from state to state there are some main federal laws that have taken

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