Gun Control Essay

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Cody Peters Professor Newport GENG 1223 18 April 2012 Guns: Menace or Form of Protection? In a house, the man’s sole obligation is to protect his family from harm’s way. He rushes his family to safety during a natural disaster, he’s in charge of locking up the house at night, and he makes most of the decisions in the household. But what happens when someone is breaking into his house? Sure a father has his son’s baseball bat in the garage, a collectible samurai sword above his bed, or the old-fashioned pepper spray, but these items may not do for a smart, dangerous burglar. One weapon that is effective and sure to take care of any individual that seeks to hurt you is a gun. Though a controversial topic, gun possession is a freedom stated under the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, that should be protected because to some citizens the possession of the gun is a historical keepsake, apart of family heritage, a form of protection, a tool required for hunting and jobs, used in hobbies, and are not the main cause of violence today. Guns have been used in movies, wars, and even sports in today’s society. But when was this weapon made? Where did it originate? What was this tool used for in it is prime? Gunpowder was used way before the gun was invented, but the first handguns were reported all the way back to England in 1375 (Pollard). In 1791 The United States signed an amendment to which today there is still great controversy. The Second Amendment protects the right of people to keep and bear arms. This privilege a citizen rightfully obtains; however is only to be used for lawful purposes only. Even though this piece of the law guarantees an individual the right to bear arms, there are other amendments that make owning a handgun difficult. People deserve to have this right because it is stated under the constitution that our great country is

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