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Imagine a criminal recently released from prison, he scopes a house to rob, armed with a long knife he breaks into the back door of family of 3. The father who is awakened from the ruckus is alarmed he locates and gets his gun. He walks down stairs and confronts the criminal, he talks the appropriate action and shoots him, and he collapses on the ground. His family was rid of extreme potential harm to his family; he owes it to his gun. This could happen to anyone, anywhere. Gun control is the regulating of selling and using of guns and rifles. Gun control is not efficient at its purpose and eliminating it can solve our nations most persistent and pressing problems. Gun control has been a debatable conflict, especially in recent years. Some people say we should allow it, while some say we shouldn’t. People are entitled to own a gun. “The right to bear arms” is stated in the 2nd amendment to the U.S. constitution. The constitution allows U.S. citizens to own firearms. So, if people are allowed to have guns then why are there gun control laws? Recent years there has been tragic incidences such as the event of Columbine, where two high school students armed with firearms took the lives of many students. Events like this make people angry naturally they are trying to convince people that there is no problems with gun control. They have some pretty interesting things to say. These gun control advocates claim that guns promote violent behavior. Every day people are killed by guns. “Every day in the United States, 81 people die from guns” (Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?) From this data a conclusion can be made that a lot of people are dying from guns. Gun control advocates also say that there are ways to reduce gun violence. “Restrictions on bullet purchase, programs for criminals, censorship on television violence, and citizen action”(Gun Control and

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