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Policy Options for Deinstitutionalization with the Mentally Ill and Preventing Recycling them Back into the Prison System A policy proposal from: The State Prisons and Facilities To: The state government The Problem: Deinstitutionalization has hindered the ability of the mentally ill receiving the proper treatment where they are being placed into jails and prisons instead of institutions. Thus, this is not treating the problem and once released they are continually recycled back into the prison system. a. Background: Intuitions were shut down to prevent the abuse and mistreatment of their patients. Thus adopting a new system, deinstitutionalization, which was to help de-stigmatize the mentally ill as well as prevent inhumane practices and abuse. b. Extent of the Problem: According to the article Deinstitionalization: A Psychiatric “Titanic” there is an alarming increase of the mentally ill being recycled through the prison and jail systems. These patients were released and shortly arrested again for actions that are part of their mental illness, such as indecent exposure. I. Possible Solutions c. The state should maintain the status quo on deinstitutionalization i. Advantages: Maintaining this same program of Deinstitionalization would be the most cost effective. Since our country is struggling financially existing areas should be cut down and new programs are no necessary.1 ii. Disadvantages: Since the mentally ill are not provided with the proper care the surrounding communities are the ones that are suffering from incidents that are occurring because of their disabilities. d. The state should reinstitute institutions iii. Advantages: The mentally ill will be provided with the proper care and facilities that would be long term or short term help depending on the illness. The stigma would

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