Gulp And Gasp Essay

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English Oral Test: Drama- Gulp and Gasp N= Narrator LS= Lord Septic C= Crouch R= Rose SM= Station master T= Train N :A railway station at night. It is a cold and foggy. There is a station master who is on duty at the platform. Lord Septic stomps up and down the platform under a gas lamp. Crouch carries his bags, running along behind him. LS: Is the bag that you carry heavy, Crouch? C : Yes…I mean no, sir. It is my pleasure to carry the bag for you, sir. Although it is quite heavy. LS: Well, I’m still very angry. C : mmm… LS: And do you know why I’m angry, Crouch? I hate this foul, filthy, nasty, awful, dirty, disgusting and uncomfortable night. C : Indeed, sir. The fog is so thick and I can’t see a thing out there. It seems as thick as the pea soup that I’m usually used to drink. LS: Actually, there is another things that makes me more angry. C : Is your pants torn? LS: No, you fool! It’s late. The train is very late. If this train doesn’t come soon, I’ll sack the driver. I’ll sack everyone. After all, next week I’ll own this railway line. And now I’m just a step away. Do you know what I’m just a step away from? C : Yes. You are just a step away from the hell! Be careful, sir. Please don’t get too near to the edge of the platform, sir. LS: No, you fool. What I mean is power, money and fame. C : But you have got quite a bit of that already. LS: More, I want more, Crouch. I am mad for it. I will kill for it. Soon, I will own all the stations from here to King’s Cross. And when I do …hehe do you know what I’ll be? C : Even more greedy and stingy, sir? LS: I’ll be the richest man in the land. Because I’ll find the Gatsby gold which is hidden somewhere along this line. I’ll dick up the track. I’ll look under every sleeper. I’ll search every

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