Gullivers Travels Essay

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Gulliver’s travels, is a tale about his voyages to several remarkable and different places. The first stop on his voyage was to Lilliput. Gulliver gets shipwrecked and wakes up tied to the beach. After lying on the beach for a while, he meets a tiny person who is less than six inches tall and standing on his chest. Gulliver finds out that the person is the Emperor of Lilliput. Gulliver is given liberty in Lilliput after he proves he’s not a menace to the Empire. He’s allowed to roam the city, provided he doesn’t harm anyone. Then, the Emperor asks Gulliver for a favor. Gulliver performs the task and eliminates the armada of Blefuscu on the neighboring island. However, Gulliver disappoints the Emperor because he didn’t reduce Blefuscu to nothing. Later, the palace caught on fire and Gulliver extinguished the fire by peeing on it. The Emperor didn’t like the way he put out the fire and Gulliver was charged for treason for his crimes against the empire. Gulliver is sentenced to blinding, but before the sentence is executed he escapes to Blefuscu. While he’s there, he finds a sunken boat and uses it to leave the Island of Blefuscu and returns home to Europe. On Gulliver’s next voyage, a storm forces the ship to stop at an Island of Brobdingnag. While Gulliver is exploring the island, he is shocked to find that his crew has abandoned him to escape from a giant. When the giant captures Gulliver, he discovers the giant is a farmer. Then the giant explains that his name is Glumdalclitch. Glumdalclitch brings Gulliver home and his daughter takes cares of Gulliver. Glumdalclitch treats Gulliver as a curiosity and exploits him for money. Since Gulliver is too small to use anything the giants have, they fashioned him his own little house. This house becomes known as his “travelling box.” Gulliver explains the state of Europe to the Queen of Brobdingnag and then shortly
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