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Gulliver’s Travels Gulliver’s Travels is a book that takes place in the early 18th century and was written by Jonathan Swift. It is written in the 1st person point of view about a man named Lemuel Gulliver that travels to various strange islands with a variety of different species. Gulliver’s Travels is non-fiction and is mostly written in a satirical form. In the book Gulliver participates in four different voyages or travels, and on each voyage he encounters a different strange and unique island which each represent a different society. Jonathan Swift shows the conflict of Gulliver as being man versus society. In this conflict society wins the battle over Gulliver because by the conclusion of the book, Gulliver does not want to go back to England, he wants to stay with the Houyhnhnms. “I had always a strong impulse that I should some time recover my liberty, though it was impossible to conjecture by what means, or to form and project with the least hope of succeeding” (217). This quote was taken from the end of the part two which was his second voyage. This quote portrays the fact that after Gulliver’s first two voyages to the foreign he was ready to get his freedom back and go back to his family and wife back in England. At the first island the land of Liliput all the people were only six inches tall and they were conspiring for two months that they wanted him to leave. At the second foreign island the 60 foot inhabitants made Gulliver a show person and an act working 10 times a day. Gulliver had had enough which is why he wanted to leave and he asked the king if he could and the king got him a boat to sail home on. “I left my poor wife big with child, and accepted an advantageous offer made me to be Captain of the Adventure, a stout merchantman of 350 tons: for I understood navigation well.” (341). This quote was at the beginning of the fourth part

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