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A VOYAGE TO LILLIPUT Gulliver’s Travels recounts the story of Lemuel Gulliver, a practical minded Englishman trained as a surgeon who takes to seas when his business fails. He starts off with his family and tells that he was the 3rd son of his father and he lived in Nottinghamshire (England). He tells about his education in the chapter. Also he tells that he was bound apprentice to an eminent surgeon in London Mr. Bates. He then starts with sea voyages with Captain Abraham Pannel. but one day as fate wouldn’t agree the ship went off course and when he comes back to his senses he finds that he is among a very small race of people who are no bigger than his thumb and bound from head to feet and when he tries to get freed he is fired upon by arrows which prick his body like needles. He feels lot of pain but after some time he has to bow before them. He is then carried to the capital of the small country Lilliput The king then discusses with his council whether to put him to death or not but they agree not to harm him. Slowly they start befriending him they feed him with food every day and he starts learning their language. But still for a few days he is kept chained fearing that he might wreak havoc and before he is released his clothes were checked and the king asked about everything he had and after some days he is unchained. He could eat a lot (as per their measures). Gulliver (the author) soon gains respect in the court. Some laws are imposed him on how to behave with the natives. He attacks the country’s sworn enemy ‘empire of Blefuscu’ and he is the natural hero and peace is declared between the countries. One day there is a fire in her majesty the queen’s quarters and he urinates to stop the fire. There are some more situations in which he does some good but is taken as doing bad. He is decided to be punished for this treason by removing his eyes but

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