Gulf Of Mexico's Dead Zone Research Paper

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The Gulf of Mexico’s Dead Zone Earl Kuehne Columbia Southern University 06/29/2015 The Gulf of Mexico’s Dead Zone The Dead Zone is an area in Mexico with low oxygen levels and covers an area of 13,080 square kilometers. The zone is caused by the Mississippi River that enriches it with phosphorous and nitrogen nutrients. The increased deposits of nutrients into the river facilitate the growth of algae, thus resulting in the development of algae blooms, which alter food chains and deplete oxygen. Seasonal variations cause fluctuations in the size of the dead zone and the size is sometimes affected by farming activities. The formation of the Dead Zone follows a scientific process and in Mexico, various environmental policies…show more content…
This limits aquatic life, which reduces the supply of fish. Current policies are primarily aimed at reducing waste disposal into rivers and reduction of nitrogen and phosphorous use. These policies are subject to various issues such as increased food prices and complexity in the understanding of the true relationship between algae and nutrients. Therefore, the policies have not been effective. It is important to research on ways of controlling draught and limiting algae growth because it will mitigate further expansion of the Gulf of Dead Zone. References Bruckner, M. (2012). The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone. Microbial Life Education Resources. Retrieved June 27, 2015, from EPA (2014). Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone. Mississippi River Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force. Retrieved June 27, 2015, from Howarth, R (2015). Bringing Coastal Dead Zones Back to Life. Action Bioscience. Retrieved June 27, 2015 from
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