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Lind 1 Rick Lind 12/08/14 Person/Place Final Title: Guitar Land. Purpose: Describe a world of creativity. Audience: Individuals who have a passion for music. Lind 2 This world of my guitar has no limitations. It involves the use of sound and thought simultaneously in a place where creativity and intelligence thrive and anything can happen. I get to pick and choose what happens. I have complete control over the mood, the setting, and for the most part the results. It influences the attitude of the atmosphere. It can send out mixed and matched messages to the listener. The place I am describing isn’t actually a place. My instrument and I rule this zone of focus. I call this metal state guitar land. This place is more of an imaginary fairy tale dream, reminding me of times when I used to watch Disney movies as a kid. I feel nothing is wrong here and I’m doing everything right. I know I have entered guitar land when I’m so distracted that time goes out the window. Now my plucking fingers are fired up. They have rested and are eager to shoot off another set of arpeggios and chords, anxiously waiting to perform complicated rhythms and collaborations. I get the craziest and brightest thoughts here. It’s as if I’m in a land of ecstasy. The feeling’s so good I swear I feel like I’ve been drugged. Nothing can stop me from unleashing my inner creator here. Writing requires a lot of these same skills where creativity, intelligence, and determination are used. Because the same sense of total control happens, I can choose any topic to write about. Allowing me to branch off into other ideas. Where upon revising what is written leads ultimately to a mood. A guitar requires being creative and having a level of familiarity. Allowing me the option to choose a mode or scale. Then I can decide on a structure and pattern to make ideas that follow a particular progression. The ideas send

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